Who We Are

Macpie Berhad formerly known as Sterling Progress Berhad changed its name on the 3rd of April 2019 to reflect a change in market focus. The company has been listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 2007.

The company has two independent core segments which are Retail Management and Event Management. Subsidiaries of the Retail Management segment consist of Macpie Distribution, Macpie Management, and PC3 Technology while the subsidiaries of the Event Management segment incorporate Macpie Pro, Macpie Equipment, Macpie Ticketing, Level Up Plus, and Macpie Entertainment.

Macpie Berhad has undergone a tremendous transformation through its Retail Management subsidiary, Macpie Distribution Sdn Bhd, recently appointed as the new authorised distributor partner for the Nokia mobile phone brand in Malaysia. Macpie Distribution will be distributing Nokia mobile branded smartphones and feature phones in Malaysia through its channel and corporate partners while set to move towards the 5G technology era.

Macpie Berhad has successfully integrated the ecosystem of the Event Management segment which is now supported by its subsidiaries Macpie Pro, Macpie Equipment, Macpie Ticketing, Level Up Plus, and Macpie Entertainment.

The ecosystem is a one-stop solution for business collaboration partners that looking for opportunities to organise shows on offline and online platforms, staging & equipment providers, ticketing solutions, event management & construction, and artist management.

In line with the “Inspiring Differences” tagline, Macpie Berhad will continuously look for new ways to expand its strategic business ecosystem to provide budding SMEs with the best innovative management solutions and strive to be one of the leading companies in Malaysia.


To create a thriving entertainment and music industry backed by a completely vertically integrated business ecosystem.


To strengthen our business ecosystem to deliver world-class quality shows by providing the best equipment, best ticketing systems, and best performances for fans. We aim to become one of the top 3 local promoters in Malaysia by the year 2020.

Core Values

  • Prioritizing Clients

    We aim to build and keep a strong relationship with our clients. We are willing to face upcoming challenges and go above and beyond for our clients as their satisfaction is our main priority.

    Prioritizing Clients

  • Always Reinvent

    We think forward to the future and always try to keep up with the most current technologies, businesses, systems, and events. We will constantly be improving and striving to be the best in everything we do from our business to our relationships with partners, investors, and clients.

    Always Reinvent

  • Stronger Together

    We can’t do much on our own but together we can accomplish great things with our clients, partners, communities, and investors supporting us to accomplish our challenges and goals.

    Stronger Together

  • Passion & Determination

    We are passionate and determined to tackle the challenges and goals that we have set. Our passion drives our determination to see through everything and finish what we started.

    Passion & Determination

Board Of Directors

  • Lim Peng Tong

    Independent Non-Executive Director Chairman of the Board

  • Sean Ng Chee Heng

    Executive Director

  • Kenny Khow Chuan Wah

    Finance Director, Executive Director

  • Lionel Vernon Yong Nguon Kee

    Independent Non-Executive Director

  • Alex Chong Ching Wai

    Independent Non-Executive Director

  • Gina Woon

    Independent Non-Executive Director

Corporate Structure